04 January, 2011

Whitebushes Snow

Big Freeze 2010
A Happy and prosperous New Year to everyone! Just realised I forgot to post any pictures from home from the snow from the start of December, this little lot all settled in the space of about 3 hours (it ended up roughly a foot and a half deep in the back garden)!
Thomas Sledging
Thomas had great fun on our borrowed sledge, keeping snug and warm in his snow suit -
Thomas in Snow Suit
- despite the odd mishap... ;)
Brrr...still, it's all melted now, and to be honest I'm not missing it much...thoughts can now turn to warmer times and warmer climes, southern Spain is looking tempting (and unless I am very much mistaken our last holiday abroad was back in 2008, so it's long overdue) - according to my boss, who was there over Christmas, it's 19 degrees at the moment, leave it a month or two (Thomas travels free until he is two years old, so we can't leave it too long) and it's mid twenties, which suits me just fine! ;)

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