16 February, 2010

Dontevenreply ;)

Just had to share this...I haven't (almost) cried with laughter in such a long time... ;)

Basically, this is an archive site of what appears to be the work of one wind-up merchant who baits unsuspecting folk who have posted classified ads (requiring or offering needs or services, or the odd item for sale)...of course it's all just for fun, but the imagination involved, and the amount of time that some of the victims go without realising they are being wound up (and...ahem...not even replying) is frankly staggering (and hilarious)...some of it is a bit lazy (and even misogynistic in places) so not quite 419eater, but there are some diamonds in there... ;)

A couple that made me chortle are here and here... ;)

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Mum said...

Loved this site!Have you seen Ali G talking to an expert about dangerous drugs?He also did a wind up about how to be a good parent,equally funny.