02 February, 2010

Sneaky Way to Canary Wharf

London Bridge Station Concourse #1
Well, that was an interesting experiment anyway, I decided to try out my new, super sneaky, alternative means of getting into the office this morning...no particular reason other than getting into London bridge perfectly on time (for once) so I knew I had plenty of leeway if things didn't go according to plan... ;)

It's quite simply a reverse of my lucky escape last week when the Jubilee Line was closed (for some reason), for the dry run (no idea how many other people use this route when things are bad) it was actually an extremely pleasant change...The train to Greenwich from Platform 1 was completely empty, getting to the DLR (which involved actually leaving the station and walking through an underpass from that platform) did involve quite a few steps, but certainly not the end of the world (and there is even a disablist slope for difficult knee days and lifts to the platform - very civilised)...

The DLR train (to Bank) came in pretty busy, but there was certainly no question of not being able to get on (unlike the Jubilee Line most mornings), and it's progression was punctuated by a lot more bumps and sharp jerks (if you can believe that), but just not having to venture underground was a total delight, and £10 cheaper a day than getting the boat, plus the bonus of being delivered straight into reception at One Canada Square...took about ten minutes longer than usual, but certainly another (very welcome) option...

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