04 February, 2010

Happy 6 Month Birthday Thomas

I'm sat here (Wed evening) feeling a little emotional and after this post, I'm hoping it will all become clear in my head!

6 months ago I came home from work on the 16.30 having typed my handover notes and feeling smug that I had 2 more days in the office before a month of lazing around in the sun on maternity leave for 5 weeks. I had back ache, felt like the commute was getting harder, occasional tummy pains, but with 2 more days to go there was no way I wasn't going to finish the week. With an important meeting at The Wharf looming, I went to bed at 8.30pm in the spare room so Fink could also get some rest!

At 4am, life was thrown into chaos. Thomas decided he wanted to come into the world at 12.53 (or MJ as he was known then!). I was totally shell shocked to say the least, but somehow with the help of a very loving husband, fantastic family (especially my mum) and lots of good friends, we muddled through and I'm now thinking, what an incredible journey we've started and how amazing it feels to be a mummy. Thomas is simply adorable... he has the best smile, cute giggle and little arms and legs that get thrown everywhere when he is excited (or in a mood!). We went to London on Monday, just to say Hi to work colleagues and London seemed so busy, solitary and materialistic. Back home, life is slower, with lots of friends (or even strangers taking an interest in Thomas) and the small things like a smile after a feed, or little cuddle mean so much more than a designer handbag, or outfit! We're so proud of how well Daddy does every day commuting, as I'm definitely out of practice and for the time being anyway, I'm just loving being a mum.

Happy 6 month Birthday Thomas..


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Yay!!!! Happy 0.5 birthday Thomas! Can't believe how quickly it's gone, and how fast he is developing! He'll be zooming around the place before we know it! :)

Absolute Beginner said...

It's gone so quickly! I think we are both quite good at treasuring every moment. It's so nice that Thomas and Harry are so close in age - should have been closer mind!! We love all the Thomas updates, seeing what we've got to come!! xxx

Anonymous said...

i take it you don't want to go back to work? i didn't after holly, but i was lucky i worked part time. but not having to worry about going back to work after poppy and brandon were born, was the best feeling as i don't think mum would have coped with all of them.
will try to call soon. off to the school this afternoon to learn how the twins are taught to read, write and say their sounds right.
love samxxxx

Flyingpops said...

Sarah - I love the fact we both have boys and they should become good friends

Sam - lovely to hear from you...I love work, just have a slightly different perspective now I have Thomas. Will be going back though! Do call, will be interested to hear what you learn at school about the twins.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thomas is so lucky to have you and Fink as parents, I told you that you would be a great mum, and we are always happy to help when we can afterall that is what parents do.xxxxx

A and K said...

A lovely post,well done both of you.