22 February, 2010

All change - Thomas at (almost) seven months

Thomas sitting up
It's funny, because I know every single day *something* about Thomas is evolving, but this weekend I really did notice a lot of new things...this is probably largely because Thomas and Flyingpops had just returned from a lovely holiday visiting friends in Devon and Cornwall (hello all - wish I had been there too!)...they enjoyed four nights on holiday in all, during which time (while I wasn't either commuting or working) I stared at the hole where my Xbox used to be, fell asleep on the sofa watching the Winter Olympics (which was fun in it's own way), and lapsed slightly into batchelordom so when Mummy and Thomas came home there was quite a lot of catching up to do (some of which involved slightly naughty amounts of dirty clothes and dishes)... ;)

Anyway (ahem), Thomas...The first, and least impressive thing that Thomas has learned, is how to blow raspberries. He now spends at least 50% of his waking time with his tongue sticking out, the final 50% being only because there is something else stuck in the way...the response to having his nappy changed is to blow a raspberry, the response to having his toes tickled is to smile and blow a raspberry, the response to "How are you this morning Thomas?" is to sleepily blow a raspberry, the (messy) response to a nice warm spoonful of mashed carrot and swede is to blow a raspberry (prompting an autonomic startle response from Mummy or Daddy followed by a several minutes work with a damp flannel)...but it's not all bad...he can also now (all of a sudden) sit on his own for quite long periods, although he did manage to topple over once yesterday and cried and pouted for a while with the shock of it all (I know it wasn't pain, as he was on his soft play floor mat at the time)...

The most impressive thing of all (although Flyingpops came up with an annoyingly simple explaination) is that he is now happy spending short periods of time playing with his toys even when he can't set eyes on either Flyingpops or I...This is a revelation...not since he was born (apart from at Family parties where there are plenty of sets of willing arms) have we both been able to leave him to himself while I, say, peel some vegetables and Flyingpops loads the dishwasher (for example)...I mean, I'm not talking about us both going out for a meal abandoning him, but the relief of just being free to walk out of line of sight without a lonely wail is staggeringly liberating...Flyingpops clever explaination (by the way) is that he was simply pleased to see all his toys again after his holiday (rather than being a bit bored with them)...but I'm sticking with my diagnosis, he's just being a very good little boy... ;)


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ha ha rasberries while eating!!!

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