01 June, 2009

Bathroom and Nursery, weekend update

Canary Wharf
It's been another busy weekend, I finished off the plasterboard skimming in the nursery on Saturday (and because it was so hot it was a bit of a nightmare) the sanding took much longer than I thought and was harder work than I thought, but it was well worth it, the wall is really smooth and jolly even now (even if I do say so myself)...probably shouldn't have worn black clothes though, when I came out it looked like I'd had a collision with a sack of flour, all in my hair, in my ears and up my nose...took ages to clean up all the dust, starting with the vacuum cleaner, and finishing up with a damp sponge on the walls themselves (a surprising amount kept on clinging to them even after repeated wiping)...on Saturday night, instead of watching Britain's got talent, I made a start on the painting, but gave up after a wall and a half as the finish looked terrible (really disheartening after all the effort I had gone to), oddly in the morning it had all magically straightened itself out (could have been just the electric light playing tricks with my tired eyes, but I definitely concluded to get some better paint would be a sensible thing to do, the stuff we have is way too watery)...

Sunday, for once, I actually had a full day of rest (even fell asleep on the sofa at about 9pm)...! This week it's going to be chaos at home, the bathroom is going in - and we are going out (to avoid the upheaval)...we are staying with at my folks place in Oxted, the only bad thing is that they aren't going to be there as they are off on holiday...So this morning we loaded up all our clothes and wash kits (etc) into Poppy the Beetle and after work I'm heading straight there, the next time I see the house (which will be at the end of the week, just before we go off on our mini break to the South West), the new bathroom should be installed!


Sarah said...

It's all go!! Well done on being so industrious! x

Ginco said...

Interior decorating is always such a schlepp, and it takes a lot of "elbow grease" until the job's done. At least you guys can unwind for a while until the chaos settles down. ENJOY every peaceful moment!! :-)