02 June, 2009

London Crossrail - Canary Wharf station

London Crossrail platform works
Ah, just found out what they are building below my window! It's the new Canary Wharf station for the crossrail service, although interestingly according to the map, this station is actually going to be *underground*, it explains the weeks and weeks worth of digging they have been doing under the water removing hundreds of bargefulls of oily mud (guided by divers) i suppose...what they are doing right now is driving in 90 foot long rusty tubes in a long line (you can see one on it's side on the top barge if you zoom in) and then (presumably) filling them with concrete...so that has solved a little mystery, whether this is to remove the water from one side or another ready to dig the tunnel I'm not sure, but I'll keep my eyes on them and if anything else interesting happens I'll post a picture... ;)


SenseofTumour said...

Not sure of your current email addresses (either of you!) and don't have my mobile on me (housesitting again for 2 weeks!)

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Anonymous said...

Link to some Paddington Crossrail Works here...