16 June, 2009

Itchenor Caravan Park

Itchenor Caravan Park
Can't believe this was so long ago and I'm only just getting round to writing about it...what a slacker! Being away from home has really messed with my routine (not necessarily in any sort of bad way, apart from my lack of blogging, of course, but) things should get back to (whatever) normal (is) soon...Anyway, if you would care to join me, set your wayback machines to two weeks ago, Friday morning - Flyingpops and I are to be found battling around the workmen, gathering clothing/bedding and then squashing everything into the back of Poppy the Beetle (in a tetris-like jumble), before somehow levering ourselves into the remaining space and setting off for the seaside (yay!), the journey was pretty good until we got to just outside Chichester, where we hit a *huge* traffic jam, my knees started to seize up with all the use of the clutch, and by the time we pulled past the (very welcome) entrance sign and I hopped out of the car to visit the little reception office, I really was hobbling...
Itchenor Caravan Park
Anyway, equipped with directions, we made our way through the maze of roadways, lined with literally hundreds of static caravans, each lovingly embellished with their own individual quirks, be it a posh raised decking arrangement, or a beautifully appointed garden with topiaried(sic?) hedges...the initial impression you get is that this place really doesn't feel like a caravan park - these are more like lovingly tended second homes...you definitely get the feeling that there is little in the way of normal "camping" taking place here...
Itchenor Caravan Park
So, working our way slowly, to avoid the wildlife -
Itchenor caravan park - ducks
- we found the static caravan we were lucky enough to be borrowing (which, of course, was situated right in the furthest possible corner on the other side of the site, directly opposite the way we came in) -
Itchenor Caravan Park
- but actually, that was rather nice...it certainly guaranteed by far the best view from the back windows over the fields towards the bay and was blissfully quiet, devoid of all but the most personal of transient visitors (*so* many people knocked on the door expecting their neighbours, only to find Flyingpops or myself peering out the front door and comments like "Oh, you aren't x")...
Emily's static
The inside of the static was an absolute revelation, an incredible kitchen (probably smarter than our one at home), a washer/drier combo, microwave, posh toaster...and the living room had large screen TV, DVD player (with surround sound), and even an old SNES! Incredible...

But, and this is most unfortunate, if you fancy coming to stay here then you are most probably out of luck - of all the statics on the site only *one* is available to hire, all the rest are permanently privately owned...which is actually rather a telling endorsement for the place all by itself...fantastic site, and a privilege to be invited to stay there! :)

More to come!


Ys said...

It looks so pretty there :)

Caravan Site Northern Ireland said...

I think you had a great time staying there. Your caravan looks great.