29 May, 2009

Finks Links #66

Another week is over...and weeks are quite a (fleeting and) important measurement of time at the moment, never really measured anything very much in terms of weeks before (apart from holidays, I suppose)...but, on the subject of holidays we *finally* have a break getting somewhere near actually happening...and I *so* need a break, it's only 4 days, but I'm really looking forward to getting away...!

Anyway, it being Friday, it's time for a few links, got some good ones this week -

Let's start off with "the previous night came back in startling clarity for jake"...

A very amusing XKCD comic...

Horseshow bend, Colorado River [pic]

Animals poking fun at photographers (gotta love the Lion and giraffe)... ;) [pics]

Check out the Aqua H20, a device specifically designed to convert urine (either human or animal - although it doesn't explain precisely how you go about harvesting the animal urine) into drinkable water (it'll do until they invent the stillsuit, I guess)... >;P

I actually think this guy belongs in a "special" home, rather than giving art exhibitions, but anyway, check out his "art"...*shudder*...

Overkill [pic]

Abrams (briefly) responds to Star Trek fan theories... (minor spoilers)

The internet in 1969 [vid]

...and finally a face-palmingly good warning fail and an absolutely hilarious danger warning sign...

More next week!

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Anonymous said...

that is excellentm the overkill picture is sweet!