27 May, 2009

Skimming plasterboard

Skimming the Plasterboard
Nursery update time, really starting to feel like we are getting somewhere now...spent quite a bit of Saturday, Sunday and Monday filling in all the holes, scraping off the hard-to-remove final bits of the old wallpaper and then smearing ready-mix plaster all over all the walls (about 1-2mm thick), trying to get as even a finish as I could (started off pretty bad, got much better - and quicker - as I went along)...had a bit of a panic on Monday lunchtime when I spotted a load of little cracks, but a quick call to Flyingpops dad resulted in the blissful knowledge that this was quite normal, even for a professional plasterer, and one was just to fill them up with filler...so the next step (next weekend) will be to sand down the walls (to get a nice smooth finish) -
Skimming the Plasterboard
- you can see where I've had to lay it on thicker (to cover bits where the plasterboard was damaged) little ridges have been left in places, but I had a go with the sandpaper and they come off very easily indeed...it was a bit of a tedious thing to actually do, but it should mean the end result is a much better finish...can't wait for it all to be done...!


Anonymous said...

Well done, you are doing a grand job....:D

Flyingpops said...

I'm so proud of you Fink.. it's looking great and MJ appreciates all the effort your putting in..
we both love you lots xxx

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Skimming plasterboard


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