15 May, 2009

Finks Links #64

Link time...!

Kicking things off this week take a look at the missing link between the virus and the living cell (photographed for the first time)...

Take a look around the National Ignition Facility in California, where they hope to ignite humanities first (and hopefully not last) mini star using laser beams (what else)...? ;)

Discover how nuclear bomb tests in the 1950s help to identify fake vintage whiskey...

A new TV show, coming to the discovery channel - Weaponizers - build giant remote controlled cars bristling with weapons...sounds like fun!

Star Trek Colognes, including "Red Shirt - Because tomorrow may never come"...

Scenes from movies, recreated using the CryENGINE (Blade Runner ones are particularly impressive, looking forward to playing the game - if only)...!

The Climbing Excavator [pics]

A (rather pretty) homemade coil gun, not sure why the lightbulb is there... [pics]

A brilliant idea - the transparent u-bend (complete with little dial to help clear blockages without having to take everything to bits)...!

The amazingly well rendered - Death Star destroys Enterprise (although I thought the idea was that it destroyed entire planets, not just little objects on their surfaces... [video]

...and last but not least, an *excellent* Audi Billboard fail and a hilarious double fail... ;)

More next week!

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