07 May, 2009

22 Week scan

Am just back from the 22 week scan and wanted to let you know that everything is absolutely perfect... MJ is still very camera shy, hiding his face from the camera and so our photos are not 'too great' but maybe MJ just wants to surprise us when he/she is born!  We asked to not find out whether it was a boy or girl, so the lovely nurse didn't look and it will be a complete surprise for everyone in September..(in fact, I may start a blog post to guess sex and weight nearer the time!)

MJ is a little above average.. again, what do you expect with Fink as daddy! 
Head circumference - Average 198mm - MJ 210mm
Abdominal circumference - Average 172 - MJ 182mm
Bi-parietal diameter (across babies head) - Average 56 - MJ 61mm
But all in proportion and the biggest news is nothing to worry about... phew!

Picture to follow, once I learn how to do it!



¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Well, gigantic brains do run in the family... ;)

Flyingpops said...

yes, my family!!!!

Anonymous said...

it is not the size it is how you use it.....love Nanjan