08 May, 2009

Finks Links #63

Another (short) week is already over and done with(!), so forgive me if there aren't many links (again)...let's hope they are to your liking though...

We'll start off with a great picture entitled - But but but, I thought I was man's best friend??? [pic]

Some awesome tables with tentacles... [pics]

Fancy some digigrade leg extensions (lets you trot like a horse)...? [video]

Grimace at the Hospital food blog... [pics]

Next it's urban exploration time - so let's creep around the Lebow clothing factory (closed their doors in the 80s)... [pics]

A probably very uncomfortable-to-wear self defence hat...

Watch "Shot of spirits - check, fire - check, idiot - check"... [animated GIF]

Check out Ned Kelly's home made bullet proof vest (they just shot him in the legs btw)...

Sweet Sue's whole chicken in a can...mmm, yummy...NOT! >;P

An ill conceived colouring book for kids called "A scary thing happened"...(released and then pulled minutes later, but not before someone got screen shots)....

...and last but not least, a horrifying anatomy text book fail and a rather uncomfortable pregnancy fail... ;)

More next week!

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