12 March, 2009

The Ultrasound scan pictures

Scan #1
So here we go, these are the first pictures of the baby, they were snapped by the nurse that was performing the ultrasound scan (for diagnostic purposes) although quite how from what she saw she could judge the due date with such a degree of confidence is quite beyond me...these pictures are also, in fact, the last look we are going to get until the end of April when the second (and final) scan takes place...
Scan #2
I'm not being mean, but whenever any other proud parent-to-be has enthusiastically thrust their scan pictures under my nose, I have rather struggled to actually pick the baby from the static, nodding and smiling (regardless) when a completely randomly shaped blob was introduced to me as their neck/arm/head...so I was rather surprised how clear these pictures are, needing very little in the way of explaination (or is that just me)? ;)
Scan #3
...this also counts (sort of) as the first photograph I have taken of the baby (as no scanner was to hand)... ;)

So there we are - Internet, meet MJ... ;)


Absolute Beginner said...

Bless the little bubba :-)

Ys said...

Aww cute :)

Flyingpops said...

MJ was 5cm in the scan.. now MJ is about 10cm... and growing rapidly!

Bless my bump!

Mum said...

Of course they are wonderful! Er, which way up do they go again....?

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hehe...Very funny! ;)

Tom Hopwood said...

OMG, a new life and a Libra to boot. Be very spooky if he's born on the 28th