18 March, 2009

Baby and Pregnancy Magazines

Baby & Pregnancy Magazine April 2009 Cover
A lot of this sort of thing has started to appear around the house alongside the tomes that have been practically stolen (we have had them withdrawn for so long) from the library...I had a quick flick through a few of them, and what a brilliant caper!

Keep recycling the same old core material/advice (carefully re-worded, slightly updated when required) that already exists in the library books, but do so over a 9 month period (throwing in the odd "my story" and a picture of the latest Mothercare crib) and then just rinse and repeat, safe in the knowledge that the audience is going to be, by it's very nature totally transient...meanwhile, employ a couple of sales guys to just sit around answering the telephone to all the regular advertising re-bookings from Cow and Gate, Johnsons, Fairy non-bio and Pampers - it's genius!

I'm not saying it's a bad thing to constantly republish (basically) the same information (it's obviously critical for other mums-to-be  in our area as we have all the pregancy related library books reserved for the next six weeks so they would have to look elsewhere for advice), I just think it would be terminally dull to actually work on a magazine like that - "What feature are we running this month?", "Urm, let me check the schedule...yes, here we go - nappies again"..."Ah...nappies, anything new in the field?", "Ah...nope, not really...well Pampers have a new one with a slightly different name? It's pretty much just a nappy though", "Ok - lets run that on the front page"...!


Mum said...

You sound glad to be in a different field. Sadly nothing much can change, unless the formula for making bottles is headline news.
BPA comes to the rescue....

Anonymous said...

Prams! hummmm, this really depends on what you want it for - are you in walking distance of town? do you drive more that walk? We bought an Urban Detour - big 3 wheeler travel system - purfect as I walked into town evey day & you can get a lot of shopping in it. As our little bundle got bigger & able to sit (approx 1yr) we bought a Quinny (rubbish for getting on & off buses & steps but small & compact. We have used both buggies for our 2nd child (9 months now). More tips:
Bibs - dont bother with cloth bids, cloth gets wet babys clothes get wet, get plastic backed and dont be sucked in with para'. Advent bttls leak, boots own are bril. Pampers sensative wipes are best, others leave 'bits' behind! Huggies nappys are softest. Put cot in your b.room its easier & baby feels safer (for at least 1st 6 months). Buy gro-bags - safer than blankets! I didnt bother with baby clothes, have enough to do, my lil ones spent the 1st 6 months in babygros - its easier and there are some very cute ones to be bought! Dont bother with a baby bath they are rubbish and bulky and hard to use, you can find a moulded reclining baby seat (mothercare) with supports baby and you have 2 hands free. Dummys are good if you dont want your baby to suck their thumb or fingers (may look cute but not so good for gums & teath. My first child threw away his dummies at 2yrs, my 9 month old is still using them. It is also essential to either move or do masses of decorating right before the baby is due lol it's a nesting thang! Wishing you well with your blue/pink bundle to be and good luck ;) Diana

-MR X- said...

Best piece of advice I can offer is ignore anything Miriam Stoppard says and in fact probably anything she says - do the opposite.

And also ignore the current RIDICULOUS advice they are giving out about not preparing more than one bottle at a time - prepare at least a days worth at a time and store them in the fridge. Otherwise you'll be in for a lot of work.

As always - mother knows best ;-)

Flyingpops said...

Thanks Diana - brilliant advice!

And MR.X, I think we should come and see you before MJ is born. You have lots of useful bits of info to share and it'll also be good to meet you properly (there wasn't time at our wedding!)

-MR X- said...

Let's arrange something! And if you hadn't guessed Diana (above) is my partner and mother to Alex (9 months now) and Jamie (4 years and a bit)

Anyway, would be a pleasure to meet you properly and we're only 40 minutes up to road ;-)

Fancy a sunday lunch?

(pssst - we can't leave it too long coz they'll come a time where you won't want to be travelling too far in a vehicle because it gets really quite uncomfortable)

Flyingpops said...

Hi Mr X and Diana,

Yes - I worked out the connection last night, but didn't want to type it, just in case! (the Quinny pram gave it away)

Sunday Lunch sounds good... do you have any nice pubs near you? I'm thinking April 19th, if you can make it?

Oh and with an hour commute into London, i'm trying not to think about travelling in the later days!

-MR X- said...

Can't do 19th - I'll e-mail Fink ;-)

Flyingpops said...

Sounds like a plan!

-MR X- said...

Did you get my e-mail by any chance?