20 March, 2009

Fink's Links #56

Goodness me, what a week, so little time for blogging and so much to say, I've just been way too busy, links have gone just a tiny bit to the wayside...!  Still some quality items, just not as many as usual... ;)

First up this week read the incredible untold story of the World's Biggest Diamond Heist...(the loot was never found, and the mastermind behind it got out of prison last week)!

An incredible ski-jump themed japanese toilet! [pic]

Discover electric lasers are ready for war!

The Arcology is coming...

Some school kids manage to take images of space using a £56 camera and a £43 weather balloon! [pic]

Seven ways to fool your sense of touch (via New Scientist)...

A visit to the lightning lab (check out the pictures too) where they test out lightning hits on (models of) commercial airliners... [vid]

Check out some spooky stick figure aliens caught on CCTV (from various countries around the world)...the start of an invasion, or Adobe After Effects? You decide... ;) [vids]

Discover that the Russians had mobile (self powered) nuclear power stations they could drive around the place! [pics]

Meet Beer2-D2... [pic]

The best Star Wars figure ever... ;)

Check out some really hot chicks...SORRY! ;) [pic]

...and to finish the links for this week, a very nasty Extreme spelling fail and a hilarious Breakfast fail

The archive is over here if you still need to see more, and more links next week... ;)

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