27 March, 2009

Fink's Links #57

Let's kick things off by watching how the Batman logo has evolved over the last 65 years (who knew there we so many variations?!) [vid]

Do NOT miss Google's Chrome Experiments (go and install Chrome, it's faster than IE and Firefox, and then play away) - the internet is evolving!

Hehe, this one made me laugh out loud, another excellent fake information sticker, this time on the Gatwick Express... [pic]

An extremely clever advert for flea spray... [pic]

Check out this guy, scratch building a turret that fires paintballs...why not? ;) [vids]

Take a look at a hotel where you sleep inside a wine cask (*much* better than it sounds)! [pics]

Discover why jpegs are a referred to as a "lossy" format (although this demonstration is an extreme one, it does show that you must be careful) [vid]

Watch Jupiter moving behind the sun (noting it's moons accompanying it)...awesome... [vid]

Check out the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab (only sold between 1950-1951), yes, a radioactive play set for kids! <:0 [pic] Enjoy some great pictures of the worlds biggest train set (12,380 square feet)...!

Meet Tyrone, a guy with extremely good reflexes...

...and to finish the links for this week, a funny cat toy fail and a good Vatican Fancy dress fail...

The archive of links is here if you still fancy seeing more ...!

Until next week, adieu...! ;)

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