19 March, 2009

Strange Flickr traffic spikes

I usually check my Flickr stats 2 or 3 times a week, just to see what pictures are being popular with visitors...I like doing that because it's a good excuse to look back through my shots (which I am otherwise a little guilty of neglecting)...It helps to remind me of good times I've had and good memories too (which is always nice), for example a couple of weeks back there were quite a few hits on shots of food from the honeymoon -
Mexico #37
- which took me back to those amazing breakfasts we had, and at this time of year, with people planning their summer holidays, pictures from other resorts get a bit of a spike as organic visitors arrive from the search engines looking for reviews...
Corfu 2007 - #54
All this "organic" traffic is quite normal, I get between 500 and 700 hits on my photos per day (from various sources), and have done for a few years now (just ticking over gently and comfortably)...that is, until the 8th of March this year (check out the graph from Flickr stats) -
Flickr Graph
- when I guessed I had been properly cyber stalked, over a thousand individual views, sequentially, covering absolutely everything I had flickr'd for about the last 2 years...fair enough, bit unusual, I even think I mentioned it to Flyingpops (and promptly forgot about it)...but then it happened again on the 16th of March, except this time it was over 2000 extra views...and now I check my stats this morning and yesterday I got over 10,000 (sorry, that's a meme thing) extra views! That's one view on every single picture, and then a third of them over again for good measure!

Most odd... :S


Ys said...

Sounds like you have a stalker! Or maybe someone's about to pimp you for a photography job?

As a reader the stalker one would be more interesting, for yourself I'm sure the new job would be ;)

Zag said...

Wow, 10,000 views in a day, and I thought my 500 were a lot ;)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

2884 yesterday too...looks like today is back on track towards normality, what can be going on?

IMRAN said...

I also get these unexpected spikes but usually 100-2000 on top of my usual 500-1000 daily views at http://flickr.com/imrananwar . Worst part is the poor ability of flickr to even show which photos were the ones that got viewed. Instead only the stats page total views show the larger number, but the individual photo stats show no spike.

Looking to add a widget to track traffic on individual pictures.