06 March, 2009

Fink's Links #54

So as another (rather exceptional) week gets folded up and placed neatly into it's drawer, we wonder - can there possibly still be any good things left on the internets we haven't already seen 10 times? Urm...actually yes!

So here we go, to start with - check if you would be vaporised in a nuclear attack on the major target where you work (or live near) with this handy nuke simulator...pick the location, pick the size of the bomb and hit "Nuke it!"...(just so you know, with the biggest new Chinese bomb on offer, at work I would survive a strike on Central London (but could then have a problem getting home), but would die in radioactive flames from a strike on Gatwick Airport if I were at home at the time)...ho hum... :S

Check out these great experimental gaming t-shirts, I knew all but one of them...the Dom and Cole (etc.) one I had to look up (but rolled my eyes at myself when I realised which game it was)... ;)

Be amazed at the price of 3 eggs in Zimbabwe (obligatory reversed pinkie finger positioned at the side of the mouth)... [pic]

We were driving to broken hill from Wilcannia when we drove into a severe dust storm"... [video]

Heart shaped pizza, not exactly as advertised...just imagine if that had been your romantic plan for (a pizza lovers) Valentines day dinner? Ulp... :( [comparison shots]

Steampunk is starting to influence the mainstream! Check out Samsung's new point and shoot camera... [pics]

Mankind's greatest invention to date (add a bacon griddle and internet access and all science can then comfortably halt - mission complete)... ;) [pic]

Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the green-plastic-death-crocodile that brings total obliteration...now someone please use it to club to death the idiot who attached it to that poor dog! ;) [video]

A geeks tour of Shenzen in China... [pics]

Some incredible shot of venice from the air... [pics]

Urban exploration of Forest Haven - "notorious for its poor conditions and abuse of patients. It was shut down in 1991 by a federal court." [pics]

...and last but not least, a fairly impressive forklift fail and an excellent slogan fail...!

Previous weeks worth of links can be found over this way...!

Good Weekend all!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! That forklift imagine if you were driving it!

Mum said...

I was horrified by how many forklift accidents I watched before
I caught my finger hovering over 'young forklift driver breaks his back'.Compulsive ghoulish voyeurism.....