18 February, 2009

Slip testing in Canary Wharf

Slip Testing in Canary Wharf
Saw this lot the other day in the cavernous space that is ground floor reception for One Canada Square (one floor above the actual ground where all the shops are and the tube station entrance lurks)...they were building a complicated mechano set designed to hold aloft (at a 45 degree angle to the floor) something that resembled a cobblers "last" (there, you learned something today already and I haven't even got to the point of my post yet!)...turns out, the building was undergoing some "slip testing", whereby they use this contraption to perform the so-called "pendulum slip test" to guage the resistence levels present in the floor surfaces (so if anyone falls over they can show them a bit of paper saying it's unlikely to be the fault of the building's owners)...perhaps they could pick up their kit and take it 200 yards to the entrance to the Jubilee line, where at the first sign of rain (as I noted previously) all resistance seems to completely dissapear!

Still, it shows that they *do* care in my office (at least... ;)

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