27 February, 2009

Fink's Links #53

It's link time!

Let's get things moving by learning that the Apollo 17 moon buggy was repaired (while on the moon) using gaffer tape (or duct tape as the Americans put it)...(cue Flyingpops saying "I told you it was useful!" while trying to cram even more rolls into an already full cupboard in the camper van)... [pics and video in article]

Listen to the Dr Who theme tune played on the Tesla Coil (yes, you read that right)...! [video]

Check out some Bento boxes that will probably end up starving you to death (as they are too incredible to actually eat)! [pics]

Nasty Goose vs Good Natured Dog! [video]

Discover why plasma TV's are on the verge of vanishing!

Learn how to make battery cells that happily recharge themselves! [pics in the procedure]

Whatever next?! Yep, a doggie seatbelt to allow you fluffy friend to ride in the passenger seat!

A rather scary politcal cartoon entitled "If you spent a million dollars a day"...

Check out some photographs from inside Guantánamo Bay... [pics]

An amazing photo of a lit lightbulb shattering... [pic]

Water torture!!! [pic] ;)

Sad cat is sad, but it's okay because happy shark is happy! [pics]

If the internet has an ultimate purpose, then this is probably close to it - learn how to turn your urine blue (should you ever have the need to)...

A photo entitled "PEW PEW PEW"... [pic] ;)

...and finally, a hilarious merchandising fail and a face-palmingly good education fail...

If you are still bored, my previous links can be found over in this direction...!

Enjoy Saturday and Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

omg - cld u have a happier shark or sad#r cat?