26 February, 2009

RSS Feeds - my favorites

Not sure how many people really use RSS feeds, I know I am a total addict (this is the only reason I always have a list of fun links on a Friday), mostly because you don't have to go out actually searching for "what's new" out there, it comes to you (as it's breaking), but also because it's like a mini archive, so I can graze my way back through time (when I have some on my hands) without fear that anything interesting has managed to slip by without my knowledge...the feed reader I tend to use (tried out Google reader but it's not quite as good) is Sharpreader, which sits politely in the tool bar, and whenever anything interesting happens it informs me with a small blue box (containing the headline) at the bottom right of my desktop (which vanishes a second later)...

So, and feel free to ignore me, but I thought I would share some of the feeds that I graze upon...(and of course, if you have any great feeds to share with me, then leave a comment)!

Boing Boing - normal feed XML
Boing Boing Gadgets - Latest XML
dannychoo.com - portal to Japan XML
Dictionary.com - Word of the Day XML
Digg.com - Most popular submissions XML
The Empire Blog - Movie rants feed XML
Fark.com - normal feed XML
Gizmodo UK - Latest Gadgets XML
Instructables - Featured items XML
Lolcats - I Can Has Cheezburger? XML
Photoshop Disasters - Begun, this clone tool has XML
Reddit.com - What's new XML
Stephen Fry - Blessays feed XML
The Daily WTF Perversions in IT - normal feed XML
The FAIL Blog - normal feed XML
Times Archive Blog - normal feed - XML

Breaking News
Sky News - Breaking News XML

Movie News
Empire - News feed XML
Times Online - Film News feed XML
Guardian Unlimited - Film News feed XML
TheOneRing.net - Hobbit Film News feed XML

BBC News - News Front Page feed XML
Canary Wharf - News feed XML
CNN.com - Front page feed XML
ThisisLondon - London News feed XML
Daily Express - Latest News Feed XML
getsurrey - Top Stories feed XML
Guardian Unlimited - Latest news feed XML
Mirror.co.uk - Latest News and Headlines feed XML
Telegraph News - All News feed XML
The Mail online - UK Breaking XML
The Mail online - World news XML
Times Online - Top stories feed XML

Oddly Enough
Times Online - Most Curious Stories feed XML
Reuters - Oddly Enough feed XML

Science News
APOD - Daily Astronomy Picture XML
BBC News - Science/Nature feed XML
New Scientist - Latest Headlines XML
New York Times - Science feed XML
News@Nature - Most Recent feed XML
Polymeme - Science feed XML

Sport News
BBC Sport - Formula One News XML
Times Online - Formula One XML

Tech News
BBC News - Technology feed XML
Electricpig.co.uk - News feed XML
Hack a Day - Fresh Hacks feed XML
Slashdot - News for nerds XML
Times Online - Tech and Web XML
Wired - Top Stories XML

Dilbert - Daily strip XML
Edge Online - Latest News and Features XML
GamerBlips - Gaming News XML
Metacritic.com - Nintendo DS XML
Metacritic.com: PSP XML
Metacritic.com: Xbox 360 XML
Museum of Hoaxes - Investigations Feed XML
Snopes.com - New Urban Legends XML
Quotes of the Day - normal feed XML
xkcd.com - webcomic feed XML

So there we go, now you know how very little escapes me (while I'm next to an internet connected computer, anyway)... ;)


Absolute Beginner said...

Giving away all your secrets!!

Ys said...

I've never got into the whole rss feed thing. I'm still stuck in the old ways of manual searching hehe ;)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hey, it's not that tricky! :$) And there is something to be said for not having the world pushed at you all day long I guess... ;)