12 February, 2009

The Google Cheat Sheet - Advanced Google Search

Had to share this, an extremely comprehensive Google cheat sheet, yes, you may think you are good at searching for things on the innernet (with your -terms and URL:), but trust me, reading this little baby will open your eyes to a world of possibility!

How about queries with nested synonyms (using brackets)? Searching only for content from a certain date range (daterange:)? Automatic synonymous (if that is a word) terms (using ~ in front of your argument)?  In fact, it almost qualifies as the "missing" Google manual...  

Yep, one to add to the favourites I think... ;)

Oh and please forgive (after frowning in a concerned way at the author) the extremely worrying choice of example search terms therein, the strategies and syntax in there are sound and that's the important bit...

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