22 March, 2005

Test picture...my Xbox... ;)

This is just a first try at upping a picture...this is my Xbox, lovingly modified by Mr Rat for my Christmas present. After viewing the disasterously eye straining blue L.E.D. "decorations" at the London Eye over Christmas, and the almost fit-enducing scrolling message bars that appeared briefly in Kings Cross station, I have to say I was slightly dubious about his choice of colour, but by then, the purchase had been made...I think I made him feel pretty bad about it...whoops... :(

As you can see though, the final result turned out to be absolutely stunning...! A thing of beauty...especially the circlet of cold cathode around the logo on the top! 8)

Thanks again Ratty...

Fink... ;)

Update - I forgot to mention that I took that picture with my Orange SPV C500 which gives me something in common with this fellow...

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