21 March, 2005

First Post...

Having enjoyed a challenging day at work (bar the excellent lunch of Wild Boar and apple sausages, courtesy of NY Boss, overlooking our local canal), this evening offered some tasty respite by the way of a re-heat of last night's (self prepared and scratch cooked) roast lamb dinner, served with a generous amount of red wine jus and petit pois (thanks to Tesco) (Pois only! The jus was to my secret recipe!) plus a 25cl bottle of Stella Artois (although that particular delicacy was brewed goodness knows where)... ;)

After the slightly less than amusing Thameslink experience of "de jour" thanks to the (although not omnipresent)/(arguably less than unusual) cancellation of services this evening, here I find myself somehow finding the energy to place a first post here on my blog...which has, courtesy of Google been in existence since early 2004...!

Thank you Google for not deleting me..!

Fink... ;)

For what is to come - All this happened, more or less.

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