24 March, 2005

At the risk of seeming like a bore..

...Canal 125 (if you click that link you can see the "top table" summary for the place along with some 360 degree views, I must post a review on there at some point!) was yet again the venue for lunch, unfortunately I had to pay my own way - this time... ;)

After some debate about where to sit - "Torquay Slag" was keen to sit right by the canal, but "Time Based Bulk" and I had already huddled under one of the umberella-sized patio heaters for warmth, so we opted *not* to enjoy this view (it'll still be there on a warmer day!)-

Click for a (slightly) larger image...
-"scran"-wise I was helpless but to request the irrestably named "Chicken Bang Bang", which turned up looking rather stunning-

Click for a (slightly) larger image...
-essentially, it was a layered stack constructed from julienned cucumber, long coriander and smoked chicken, liberally drizzled with a fantastic chilli and peanut "dip", not that there was much dipping required...there appeared also to be a fair drizzling of chilli oil over the whole affair. Now, not to detract from this great dish, I couldn't but feel that next to what "Torquay Slag" (sausage baguette, minus tomato) and "Time Based Bulk" (steak cheeseburger-ordered medium but in actuality bloody as hell) had ordered, my dinner looked rather...well...small...

Tasty it was though, and through sheer good luck, the size of the others main courses left a lot of crunchy fries ripe for the plunder...excellent... ;)

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