24 March, 2005

Less than a week in...

...and here I am making a post about the weather... ;)

It's been an interesting March though, here is the view from the office window on two different days this month. The first is from the 4th of March -
Click for a (slightly) larger image...
- and the second is from today -
Click for a (slightly) larger image...
- quite a difference...! You can click the pictures for a slightly bigger view. Just in case you are wondering, the subject of these pictures is the London Canal Museum. Interestingly people actually do live in these narrow boats, there even appears to be some sort of parking ticket machine on the bank so they can pay for their moorings!

If the last few sunny days are anything to go by, the summer will see swarms of school children, all yelling at the top of their collective voice (it is astonishing to me exactly what a cacophony 12 school children can make when they put their minds to it) taking exciting rides disturbing all the old men whose only occupation appears to be to sit and unsuccessfully fish in the same water.

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