23 March, 2005

28-day hung steak at Canal 125...

Mmmmm...in reward for a rather long day last week, "B" from the office has kindly taken me out for lunch, I could choose both the venue and the delicacy...my selections? Canal 125, a small(ish) gastro pub not far from work, staffed by (what at least pass for) French people...a delicious starter of rosemary and thyme bread with a dip of olive oil and balsamic vinegar was followed (at a respectable distance) by what you see above...a 28-day hung Angus beef steak, medium cooked, with a fantastic gorgonzola sauce (chunks of said cheese still melting over the meat), accompanied by lemon drizzled fresh (and crisp) watercress, with the obligatory heap of crunchy fried potatoes, departing wildly from the usual "chunky jacket" Kings Cross-style I have become so used to of late... in summary, it was *rather* delicious... ;)

Update - "B" says that he was of the opinion that the staff were actually Italian, but *I* think that this is just because of his pathological hatred of the French...it's a denial thing... ;)

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