22 March, 2005

T3h 5c3n3...

As far as my research has gone, opinion is very definitely divided with regards to this (free online) "documentary" series that takes a look at the high end of the globally enjoyed and decades old "scene"...some are even convinced that it has been artifically constructed and was paid for by Sony (although quite why I cannot begin to imagine..heh..)! There is no doubt that it is full of "l@m3n355" like clearly displayed IP's etc. (which of *course* would be deliberately spoofed on request if the doco maker were legit), but some of those in "the scene" have issued statements warning that even if this were fictional, the series is a valid and timely cautionary tale for those involved...but from my POV - Whatever! Even if it is a ham drama, it makes it's points and, well, the scene is light on coverage, so please enjoy a hell of a good show..!

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