10 May, 2012

Working in Leicester Square

Chinatown London

Still getting used to how things are going to work around here, obviously it's totally tourist central, so simple things like grabbing a McDonalds for lunch is prohibitively expensive compared to home (wasn't quite prepared for £6 for a Big Mac meal, but there you go), one other surprise is that *no-one* I have spoken to is prepared to go to any of the cinemas around here, apparently the ticket prices for new movies are between £16-19 if you want to watch them in Leicester Square(!) and thats before Nachos, popcorn and drink, so it looks like it's still going to be heading to Crawley if I want to watch a film (oh well) despite the obvious convenience of being able to just pop next door to the Odeon (I can see the roof out of the window by the lift behind my desk)-

Odeon Leicester Square

The other slightly strange thing I have noticed (over the last couple of days) is that a lot of restaurants seem to have outdoor 'greeters' (like you get on the Canary Islands) who run over clutching menus to try and steer you into their establishment, intertestingly they all seem to avoid me (meaning I obviously don't look like a wealthy, hungry, slightly gullible, tourist)…however, in the space of ten minutes walking around in Chinatown *three* people (including one person who came rushing out of a Chinese medicine store upon seeing me) asked me "You wan Chinee massage?" - to which I politely issued a slightly bemused negative response…surely I can't *already* be putting across a 'stressed executive' vibe? Can I? ;)


Flyingpops said...

love the fact that you are blogging again sweetheart.. your such a good writer and its lovely to show to Thomas & Poppy so that we can be part of your day... very proud of you for picking yourself up and not only getting a job, but a totally AMAZING job with a much better commute... We all love you. xxx

Tom Hopwood said...

Amen to that