24 May, 2012

Leicester Square 'Open'?

Leicester Square opening
So yesterday, Leicester Square 'opened'...everyone rushed to enjoy sitting around it's perimeter, and after working hours (I guess) a few people got to go inside and enjoy it's charms...this morning, the point of those *huge* gates has become apparent...because it's closed again...
Leicester Square security
Now, I'm not sure this is going to be a permanent arrangement (although it's hard to see why they would need the gates otherwise), it's very probable that they are just there in order to protect all the stages and things they have put up for the opening celebrations, but after being closed for something like seventeen months, I was sort of looking forward to having a little walk around! Fingers crossed, once the great big stage is taken down and it's just 'a park in a square' again it really will be 'open' to the public...
Leicester Square Leicester Square
Leicester Square opening Leicester Square

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Tom Hopwood said...

LOL, I'd never get any work done with an outlook like that. I'd be stargazing all day.