22 May, 2012

New Train Summer Timetable

Southern train
So got got London Bridge yesterday on the way home, and my new 'normal' train -the 1759- wasn't on the board -bit odd- not delayed, not cancelled, just not there at all...! So I checked out the nice big 'Fastest train to destination' board above platform 6 and lo and behold, with the new summer timetable, the 1759 has been transformed into the 1757 (no skin off my nose, I'm normally sat on it for a few minutes waiting for it to leave anyway)...so I settled down into my seat and watched the world go by, noting that the only significant change to the journey, other than leaving 2 minutes early, is that we sat and waited for 2 minutes outside East Croydon instead of pulling straight in...leaving me wondering quite what the point of the change was...

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