15 May, 2012

TFL - Walk to Work!

Charing cross walking map
Ah...here we go - TFL's brilliant plan for transport during the Olympics - get all the regular London commuters to stop using public transport for the duration!  To help promote this they are handing out great big fold-up maps of London clearly marked with walking times to various tube stops to all and sundry...the danger present in doing this, of course, is that suddenly everyone realises that most of central London is pretty compact and they probably should have been saving their tube fares all along... ;) Not that I mind, I don't have to get on the tube (for work) any more anyway...hehe... ;)

Oh and I got my second freebie today (on the left there), a couple of sachets of specialist extreme-sports underwear detergent (naturally!)...We'll see how well it works on my extreme commuter pants and socks... ;)

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Dad said...

My what an interesting life you lead these days...