08 May, 2012

New Job!

Trafalgar Square
So, first day at the new job today! Commute is *amazingly* easy in comparison, one quick change (still overground) at London Bridge to Charing Cross then a two minute walk (through Trafalgar Square)-
Leicester Square
- into Leicester Square (which was supposed to be all refurbished by now but still looks like a building site in actuality)-
Leicester Square
- I've had a little tour of the building -
Office balcony
- lots of radio studios, chill out zones, photo posing stations (etc.) and an extremely nice terrace balcony looking out over the London sky line on the floor above my new desk (I'm on the fifth floor, so no more daily ear popping lift rides for me!)-
Terrace view
-and have my "Apple Mac 101" training session after lunch (yep, no PCs in this office, I'm sat typing this on my brand new MacBook Pro laptop as a familiarisation exercise)...

We're going to get into the meat and potato of the new role tomorrow (once all the HR/security/IT bits are sorted, which will take up most of today, so for now I'm playing with the free wifi, enjoying the free tea and coffee (and free milk - yay!) and wondering who I'm going to bump into in the lifts in the days to come (bloke I am replacing met George Takai one day)! ;)


SenseofTumour said...

Congratulations on finding something decent, and I'm glad it sounds a little easier on the travel!

I knew you'd get back into something soon enough, and sorry I've not been around much myself.

Macs tho, eh, it's gotta be like an Englishman being made to learn Japanese after all your PC years.

Are they still getting by on a single button mouse?

Dad said...

Congratulations on the new job - I used to work in Leicester Square during my Uni vacations back in the late 1960s and remember a lovely sandwich shop that did pastrami on rye on the way to the tube station - probably turned into a Chinese buffet now. Good luck with the alien o/s, and enjoy the ambiance....Dad