13 September, 2012

A lovely trip to Blackheath...

Blackheath Bridge
Well, that's the second time now, work a bit late, just a little bit...the sort of little bit that makes you think you might *just* make your normal train (if you really hurry)...trotted as quick as I could to Charing Cross (through the throng, cursing the long wait on the traffic lights), look up and spot a train leaving in one minute put on an extra burst of speed and just make it as the doors are closing...sit down, all smug (if a little puffed out) and then feel my smile drain away as we pull straight through London Bridge without stopping, passing my waiting connection sitting on platform 12...next stop? Blackheath...even further away than Lewisham (and in completely the wrong direction to get me home)...still, spotted this interesting sign on the railway bridge there when I was crossing over to wait for a train to take me all the way back to London Bridge to have another go at getting home! Less haste, more speed...!

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