12 September, 2012

Poppy "talking"...

You know it's funny, when I sat down to write this little bit of text I had a deja vu moment...a google or two later and I found this post that I wrote when Thomas was about nine months old...and actually (apart from the messy nappy bit) I could have written those exact words about Poppy, her nappies are much more civilised as a rule (or perhaps I am just more used to nappies per se)...Poppy isn't often very quiet, perhaps a *little* quieter than Thomas was, but most situations are punctuated by enthusiastic expressions of 'EHH!' and 'AH!!' as she joins in with the conversation, yells very loudly (meaning) 'More please Daddy' when eating...although (one thing Thomas didn't do) is to amuse by very occasionally by answering 'YEAH' (perfectly pronounced) in response to questions...anyway, right back on track - just yesterday (and continued this morning) she has (satisfyingly) started saying 'DADADA' (just as Thomas did) although, if my dates are to be believed, about a month earlier than he... ;) If she continues to follow suit developmentally then the next thing we can look forward to is 'DUCK' followed by (of all things for a second word) 'GAAARDEN'...to be perfectly honest though, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it was 'SHOES!' - her favourite thing to chew on at the moment (bar nothing)... ;)


Nathans Camera Files said...

I just wanted to say Hi! I've found one of your old posts about the Fuji s9600 which was interesting to me..
I'm trawling the net as I've just got one on approval.
I recently started Blogging and I was hoping I'd get more interaction from the world generally.
People tend to read my posts but not post anything which was a little disappointing.So as not to be in that camp, here is my "Hi"! Regards Nathan.

Flyingpops said...

Ahh Poppy and her shoes.. she can spot a pair of crocs a mile off and make her way over to them in seconds!!