01 April, 2010

No more free milk... :(

Our canteen has banned us from having free milk...there are these two huge dispensing machines up there, each now sporting a sign forbidding us from taking any, unless we have first spent £1.20 buying a tea bag, and as you may be aware, I have my own in my desk pedistal...On the first day, I didn't realise, I got over to the worktop where they live and spotted that there weren't any cups, and thinking myself being very helpful, I walked to the water chiller, grabbed a load and deposited them, where they usually live, on top of the milk machines...earning me (oddly, I thought, at the time) looks of absolute horror from the (probably Eastern European) Canteen folk...of course the next morning when (half way through filling up my cup) I spotted the sign, it was abundantly clear why...whoops! :S

So anyway, not wishing to cause high blood pressure (and burnt toast) in the kitchen by acting like I am above the "law" (they buzzed around furiously on day two, but didn't actually *do* anything), I have taken to bringing in milk from home...the choice of container seemed quite natural when Flyingpops suggested it (she has long since stopped expressing milk for baby Thomas, leaving these bottles with very little -current- purpose in life)...however, everyone that spotted it on my desk (and has had anything to do with babies) did an immediate double take, follwed by a "that's not...?" sort of question or comment...I'm going to have to hide it in my desk drawer... ;)

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