21 April, 2010

Expensive Crisps at London Bridge

How much???
OMG...couldn't believe this when I saw it...since when did a bag of crisps cost 80 pence?? I mean, I thought Canary Wharf was bad, the same bag of McCoys here setting you back 55p...I mean, I know these bags are *slightly* bigger than the multipack ones, but you get *six* bags for a pound in the supermarket, or about 18p each, in comparison this just seems like daylight robbery!

Anyway, now I've calmed down and swept up the crisps I spilled all over the carpet, in other snack news, Mr X pointed out to me (the other day, thank you Mr X) that Walkers have launched another crisp competition along the lines of do us a flavour...going to have to get me some of that Flavour World cup action! Mmmm...German Bratwurst... ;)


-MR X- said...

In my local shop Walkers crisps for a while were 48p each or 2 packs for a pound :-D

still makes me chuckle...... sad really!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

OMG...how can things like that happen...face+palm...