20 April, 2010

Thomas Talking - "Dada"

RHS Wisley - Glasshouse
Just over this last weekend Thomas has *really* started "talking"...had we thought he was being vocal before, oh boy were we mistaken...We've now (a couple of times) suddenly found ourselves turning around because we *haven't* heard him saying anything for 60 seconds, wondering what on earth can be the matter...yep, he's noisy... ;)

Sunday we started off with (after fussing in his cot enough to drive me out of bed - he's got rather good at that game now) an equal number of "Ah Goo"'s and raspberries (for about ten minutes), by the time I had finished my quick "Daddy Bath" and made our way downstairs, the favorite was "Ag" (the duck was an "Ag", the ball was an "Ag" etc.)...just as I finished making his Shredded Wheat(tm) and went to put him into his high chair it transformed to (perfectly pronounced) "Egg" (giving me a shocked moments pause) after breakfast (which was largely silent apart from "ARGH!!!" - which we have established means "More please Daddy") we proceeded to a dribbly "Ffffff", while I changed his nappy (which involved two nappy bag fulls of wipes, both of us going back upstairs to have *another* bath, a load of washing going on and then me disinfecting the entire play mat) we had moved onto "Ba" and "Da" followed finally by "Dadadadada"...which, while not (demonstrably) directed solely at me, did make me very proud of him indeed...and also, interestingly, it gave me my very first distant flicker of panic at the thought of him (one day) leaving home (no idea why, perhaps it's a "rite of passage" of sorts)...of course by that stage I may very well be packing his stuff for him and helping him pay his deposit just for a bit of peace and quiet, but at this stage it's definitely - Miss you, baby boy - whenever I can't be there... :(

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