16 April, 2010

Volcanic Sunset

Volcanic Sunset
So last night, with the promise of a spectacular sunset on offer (thanks to all the particles of sulphur in the atmosphere) I ran out with the camera to see if I could get a snap...and while the sunset wasn't actually much more impressive than a normal one, I did get a couple of shots I was pleased with...apart from that I also managed to attract rather a lot of attention (sat, where I was on top of the sign at the entrance to our estate)...namely one curious footballer, two suspicious traffic policemen in a patrol car and two neighbours kids (to be precise), all of whom (thankfully) were satisfied by my reasonable explaination...
Flight Radar 24
It's actually affected me slightly personally, this volcanic event, as two colleagues from the bank of desks next door to mine are trapped in Madrid (having flown there for a meeting with not even a change of clothes - whoops!), so I felt inclined to do a bit of research...apparently the last time this happened (about 200 years ago) the eruption continued for over a year and 23,000 people in Great Britain died from inhaling deadly poison gas...so a couple of days of disruption is actually not so bad, in the great scheme of things... ;)
Flight Radar 24 2
Oh and that first screen grab was about half past two yesterday (showing all flights actual positions) the one just above here was taken this morning...

Now that's not the sort of thing you see every day... ;)

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Gaia loves her surprises!!