02 September, 2009

Free Wet Umbrella Cover - Canary Wharf

Wet Umbrella Cover
Well, well, well...looks like something has come out of the slip testing they were conducting in reception of One Canada Square earlier on in the year...I've commented before on how terrifyingly treacherous walking can get on some of the highly polished stone walkways after a shower, and now it seems that something has been done to try and combat it...Next to the doorways into the lower ground floor of our office these little dispensing machines have appeared, the idea being that instead of walking along with your wet umbrella dripping water all over the slippery marble floor, you pause, and tuck it into one of these little plastic bags (for free) to save everyone from slipping over in the little trail you have left...

Quite how successful this will be in practice, when there is a queue of busy commuters debating with themselves whether to continue standing patiently in the rain until their turn to wrap their umbrella up arrives, of course, remains to be seen... ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you can just see all the bankers standing around in the rain waiting their turn!!

s.k.kim said...

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hotels in Canary Wharf said...

wow s.k.kim. This is what I call detailed explanation. I congratulate the office owners for trying to make banker's life better.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Yes it was rather good... ;)