16 September, 2009

Next stop the Witterings!

Tuesday morning dawned (barely) and Flyingpops was up right at the crack of it (as it were), feeding Thomas and heaping objects at the foot of the stairs for me to try and squeeze into Poppy the Beetle (which I managed *somehow*, despite being rather fatigued after the wine tasting the day before)...anyway, petty difficulties aside, by mid-morning we were already unpacked in the (borrowed) caravan in Itchenor, had already done some emergency pie, crisp and drink shopping in East Wittering, and had paid our money (£5) for the pleasure of going to West Wittering beach - but boy was it worth it -
West Wittering Beach
- the weather was absolutely *stunning*, 27 degrees (so we were forced to shelter in the shade next to one of these groynes) -
West Wittering Beach
- the water was incredibly warm (probably one of the reasons this waterway is one of the busiest in the country), people were merrily swimming out 500 meters from the shore, although I contented myself with walking up and down in the surf, letting my feet sink into the sand and the waves wash over my legs (even once surprising me by soaking me and my camera up to the top of my t-shirt)...!
Thomas on West Wittering Beach
Even tiny Thomas came for a little walk (although we didn't give him a dunking on this occasion)... ;)

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