18 September, 2009

Thomas - 7 weeks old

It's hard to imagine a time when Thomas wasn't part of our life.. every minute we spend with him is so rewarding and we absolutely love being parents. Thankfully, we seem to have a very good baby (at the moment)... he has been allowing us a good nights sleep and went through the night last Mon, Tue, Wed from 9.30 - 5.30 ish, then only woke once on Thurs night at 3am for a burp, trumpet and 10 minute feed before dropping straight back to sleep again.. This week has been a little more challenging as Thomas is changing his routine, but I really can't complain. My fellow NCT mums are being woken up every 2 hours and little Izzie doesn't want to sleep at all at night, so my nights sleep from 10 - 4.30 is a complete dream! We try to make daddy's day a little easier and all pile into Poppy car to drive him to the station for the 7.30 train, although how long it will last I don't know.

After our initial problems, Thomas has mastered breast feeding and he is putting on lots of weight. He is now up to 8lb 13 and I can't tell you how good it makes you feel as a mum to know you've persevered with something that was very difficult to begin with and it's paying off. It broke my heart in the early days to top Thomas up with Formula, but it really has paid off and now we have the best of both worlds.. Breast feeding and bottle feeding when I'm a little self conscious (although now it's 100% breast milk!). There is a lot of support locally for breast and the baby cafe is not only good for advice, but also a good way to meet new mums.

We've discovered Redhill is a hub for activities and today I planned to go to Bumps and Babes and meet with fellow mums from the Baby cafe, but then decided maybe a day at home would be better and allow me to catch up on washing before we run out of pants! If we wanted to, there is something on every day from pram walks to soft play for newborns... although more about that once i've been to them all!

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