21 September, 2009

Bosham - Tidal Floods

So after a jolly nice lunch of vegetarian ciabatta pizza -
Vegetarian Ciabatta pizza
- at the very lovely Crown and Anchor pub and Appledram (right on the waterside of Chichester Harbour) -
Crown and Anchor Pub, Chichester
- through which Thomas slept throughout, even when a very quick passing shower made us have to dash for cover under a flimsy table umbrella (assisted by a waitress who dragged the pram top for Flyingpops) we decided to go and check out Bosham again...On our previous visit we had a passable Sunday Lunch at "The Anchor Bleu" in town -
The Anchor Bleu
- of roast beef (and "vegetarian option" for Flyingpops, which I think turned out to be a "bit extra" cauliflower cheese) -
The Anchor Bleu
- on that occasion, after feeding, we took a little walk around, noticing with some amusement the following sign at the end of the road the pub was on -
- this time, we were lucky enough to see the same place but at high tide -
Bosham - Flooded Road
- (rather a transformation) -
Bosham - Ice Cream Van on flooded road
The guy in the ice cream van had to keep starting it up and driving it out of the water...! ;)


kipperfrog said...

Haha, that's crazy! You'd think the ice cream van people would learn, and park a bit further down the road!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Well, quite! ;)