11 December, 2008

Take over Disneyland!

Hehe, sorry, couldn't help myself, (I know) it's *blatant* advertising, but it is so cleverly done I just had to share...Well, admittedly some bits of the grammar don't work too well ("It's a Angel World" for example), but I really enjoyed it none the less... ;)

So don't miss out, it's your chance to rename Disney World to something completely different, although not swearwords I'm afraid...(Yes, I knew what you were thinking, you cheeky little imps)... ;)

When you get to the landing page scroll down to the bit at the bottom to generate code to embed it on a website, that saves you having to fill out the form at the top... :)

Happy "holidays"... ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent, my kids are gonna love that!