08 December, 2008

Christmas Decorations

So we've made a *start* on the Christmas decorations -
Whitebushes #1
- Flyingpops popped up into the loft on Saturday to put a load of summer things (like the big fan) up into the loft, and bring a lot of winter things (like the Christmas decorations) down...I busied myself stringing the lights around the front of the house while she tidied up the front garden -
Whitebushes #2
- although we have agreed that we are going to be doing things a little low key this year for the simple reason that we are spending Christmas day and Boxing day away at the respective sets of parents and then spending the rest of the break down in Cornwall (so there didn't seem much point in really going to town)...
Whitebushes #4
- and this includes the tree - we decided to go green and buy a living one (after taking advice from the staff at Priory Farm) -
Priory Farm Christmas Tree Land #1
- (it's also a bit of a waste of money to spend £50, as we normally do, if we're not going to be around to enjoy it)...we had a little look around Christmas Tree Land anyway (as it is jolly festive)-
Priory Farm Christmas Tree Land #2
- but actually more people seemed to have come along to ride the train than actually buy any trees -
Priory Farm Christmas Tree Land #4
- anyway, we picked our little tree out...because it is alive and there is no danger of needle dropping we were able to go for a traditional spruce pine (with that perfect Christmas Tree shape) rather than the oddly squat and twisted non-drop ones that are popular at the moment...
Priory Farm Christmas Tree Land #7
It's out in the garden at the moment (where it can live inbetween Christmases from now on), I think we'll get around to actually decorating it next weekend (although it might look a little odd with the usual 200 light set smothering it)...so that might have to change!


Ys said...

Cute tree. Best get it dressed!

The real ones are more traditional but with a kitten climbing up and down it I decided non-traditional was just fine ;)

Sarah said...

What a great idea! We were there yesterday doing some research and I was shocked that they cost £50! It is a hellishly large amount of money for a tree that you throw away... :-)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Goodness yes Ys, how many trees throughout my life (traditional or not) have been felled (or worse, used as "facilities") by roaming domestic (and much loved) cats and dogs! Just doing their thing! Still, it's all part of the fun... ;)

And Sarah, they are pretty small to start with (Flyingpops not quite convinced that swapping a 6 footer for a 3 footer is a great idea), but give it a year or two (and a few pot changes) and we'll get there... ;)

Anonymous said...

But it did fit into poppy!!! poor colin... he has always helped with the tree in the past... will he be doing the booze run? I wonder!!!!!!
aunty & Unky xx

Aylin said...

I can't wait for all your fab Christmas decorations.

Flyingpops said...

We took Poppy to get the tree, because I really really wanted a 6ft tree, however with my sensible hat on, i couldn't justify it (since we are not home for xmas/new year)... this is also very very environmentally friendly!
Colin did get a spin on Saturday and yes, he'll be going to Tesco this weekend as we are struggling to get all the shopping in Poppy at the moment and that's with an empty boot!