15 December, 2008

Redhill Belfry Christmas Carols

Belfry Christmas Carols 2008 #2
So yesterday we decided we would have our roast dinner a little early (started cooking at 3pm as the lamb at Tesco was a third off, so I got a whole leg...mmm)...and hurry into Redhill (once we had finished stuffing ourselves) for the Carol singing in the Belfy -
Belfry Christmas Carols 2008 #3
- which was looking jolly festive sporting it's usual adornment of a colossal tree -
Belfry Christmas Carols 2008 #5
Belfry Christmas Carols 2008 #6
- glowing animals and giant stars...and because we got there early enough we managed to bag some chairs from the coffee shop and pop ourselves just behind the band -
Belfry Christmas Carols 2008 #8
- (on previous years we have arrived a little later and been relegated to standing on one of the upper levels) I popped up in the lift before everything kicked off, just to get a couple of shots of the assembled congregation -
Belfry Christmas Carols 2008 #13
- which was quite considerable...
Belfry Christmas Carols 2008 #11
The theme this year was one of recognition that the Christian community (and, of course, the community at large) of Redhill has morphed into an extremely multicultural affair...as each Hymn/Song was reached, a different member of the congregation (from the country where the Carol's author originated (Germany, Poland, America, Africa, etc. etc.)) stood at the lectern and gave a little potted history of the piece before we embarked upon it...and some interesting new Chrismas songs emerged as a result, all of which were easy to pick up and very catchy...

So now we are allowed to feel properly festive, still struggling slightly though thanks to work being a little on the busy side, still, this week (barring one day on the 24th) is all I have to struggle through until my Christmas break...

If my fingernails hold out I'll drag myself there (somehow... ;)


Sarah said...

I wish I had gone now! But I did enjoy putting my feet up, and I think perhaps you ought to have done that too Fink ;-)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Yeh, maybe so...