18 December, 2008

Secret Santa - Hunters Biltong

Secret Santa - A Sack of Hunters Biltong Classic
Hehe, second year in a row a -killer- Secret Santa pressie! Last year's gift has been useful about 100 times (from fixing broken glasses, replacing a fuse, countless "have you got a pen?" requests etc. etc.), and this year (although obviously not going to be *useful*) I get a large bag of Hunters Biltong (classic variety)...it was all I could do to only eat one strand for my breakfast! 

So naughty... ;)


Ys said...

Being a veggie Santa knew better than to surprise me with this gift ;)

Sarah said...

I bet Flyingpops doesn't want that in the house ;-)

bigblue said...

As a vegetarian, it wouldn't work for me either as a SS present.

I'm now looking for a website that will allocate the secret Santas for a group of friends & family who are scattered around the South East and will only get together on Christmas day. Any suggestions?

Otherwise we'll have to do "casino Santa" - unlabelled presents.

Sarah said...

bigblue, how about boys buy a boy present and girls buy a girls present? we're doing this but not sure how it works out when you have uneven numbers as I never was any good at maths :-)