16 November, 2007

Thames Clipper Riverline - voucher

Thames Clipper Voucher
Got this voucher handed to me as I was stepping out of the tube this morning (there were delays on the Jubilee line, so I think they were going for the "I hate the tube" factor as an extra incentive to defect)...basically it's 50% off one single journey on a Thames Clipper...and I have to admit I was quite tempted...The hype makes it sound quite wonderful -

  • "Canary Wharf to London Bridge in 13 minutes, every 15 minutes"

  • "Riverline services suffer none of the problems of congestion or interruption that can blight Londoner's journey to work. Boats run to schedule with a better than 98% on time record"

  • "Standing inside boats is not allowed, so all passengers travel sitting in airline style seats"

  • "Tickets can be purchased on board, and season tickets are available. Travelcard discounts apply"

...and this is still saying nothing about the lovely view as one would be swept along the Thames - my daily commute would take me past the Tower of London, HMS Belfast and under Tower Bridge every day, to name but a few of the wonderful sights and the wind in your hair rather than stuffy air and close proximity to other commuters B.O. or choice of aftershave...all rather tempting, eh?

So I thought it might, at least, be worth checking out the prices...But when I did I nearly choked on the mini-cheddar I was eating! A *single* is £4.00 (which works out costing about two grand a year)! Even if you pay for a zone 1-2 travel card (about £90 a month) it's still £2.60 extra per trip! Admittedly the season tickets do make a big difference, but it's still going to set you back £1215 a year (about £4.67 for a return each day)...so it really can't compete with the tube for price (being, at best, £135 more expensive (if you throw away your travelcard completely, which isn't a great idea)...or £801 more expensive if you hang onto it...

Oh well, what a shame...I'll put that dream of a seat for every journey on hold for now then...but I have my 50% off voucher, so I guess I can at least try it out (especially if the underground is being silly)... ;)


Anonymous said...

has it got a use by date, may be quite nice to try out in the summer....

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Actually got another voucher for a completely free trip from the local paper to "The Wharf", but yes, the 50% voucher lasts well into next year... ;)