20 November, 2007

Best UK shopping comparison site - Find-dvd.co.uk

Well, I've used quite a number of shopping sites in the past (liking to think I'm particularly clever for shopping around to find the best deal) and the other day I was proudly telling a colleague all about dvd.co.uk (who get around UK tax by shipping everything from Switzerland, a bit like Amazon's little Channel Islands outfit, and are free shipping, and thus where I tend to buy many of my Xbox 360 games)...I was however utterly trumped by a colleage who clued me in to an absolute *diamond* of a site which covers not just games, DVDs, CDs and books, but also phones and electrical goods...and it doesn't actually sell anything, it just indexes *every* UK retailer and sorts it by final price (including shipping cost!)...

Check out this example, Jamie Oliver's new book - "Cook your way to the good life" (click the link to see the breakdown and prepare to be shocked)...no, not Amazon, not Tesco (and definitely not DVD.co.uk) but *Waterstones* are the cheapest online retailer at a staggering 50% discount and zero shipping...!

Would you honestly have gone and checked their website? Thought not...

So, prepare yourself to save a *lot* of time (if you do shop around) *and* a lot of cash (if you don't) in the run-up to Christmas... ;)


Nate said...

All of the find- family are very good, especially find-dvd, as you rightly say.

Always, always, always use Quidco for cashback on your purchases, I earned over £600 last year through using cashback links on Quidco.

And finally, if you are buying books, always check find-book.co.uk first, but after seeing the lowest price that they can find, try going to the Book Depository, as I have found that 7 times out of 10 they will beat the lowest price on the web, and deliver for free too. :)

Happy shopping!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Sweet, nice links Nate, that Quidco looks really interesting!

cDVDs.co.uk said...

That's staggering that you've earned £600 on Quidco.. you must buy an awful lot online.

Anyway, for games and CDs don't forget to also check out http://www.cdvds.co.uk



Tony said...

Hi Fink,

You should try Dealpond as well.


Marcus said...

Have you tried this site for cheap dvds, cds, games and book price comparison? http://www.foxy.co.uk Seems to have more info on stuff than the others, plus includes Amazon reviews and Ebay listings all on the same page so you can compare prices quickly. Can't think of any other sites doing that - anyone?

Anonymous said...

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